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Omamori translations 2008/12/3 15:15
Hi all, I want to buy some omamori at temples/shrines and as I can only read hiragana and katakana, I was wondering if anyone could tell me some common ones and write them in kanji so I can know which charms I'm looking at.

Thanks in advance!
by Izumi  

...... 2008/12/3 17:42
A few that immediately come to mind are:

N - kenkou - for good health
ƓS - kanai anzen - for well-being/safety for the family
ɐ - shoubai hanjou - for business prosperity
- ren'ai - for good luck in love
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. 2008/12/3 23:58
Y anzan = easy deliverly (birth)


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... 2008/12/8 09:51
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the most important one 2008/12/8 17:22
Probably one of the most important phrases for those studying language is;

wƐA (gakugyo jouju):
for academic achievements
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