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Do they sell Aussie shampoo in Japan? 2008/12/6 04:21
I was just wondering if they have this kind of shampoo, because it's the only one I can use, and it won't make my hair fall out and leaves it shinny and clean, and soft.
by JVT  

Unlikely 2008/12/6 09:38
The chances of you finding it here are pretty small- I've never seen any Aussie hair product brands here even in import shops, so if you are staying for a long time and need it that much, better bring a big supply with you.
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hmmmm 2008/12/6 22:31
might help if you tell us which shampoo ur looking for. u can buy dove and pantene and vidal sassoon shampoo everywhere here.
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oh jeez 2008/12/7 05:42
it's the one that helps with protection and smooths my hair. It used to be very damaged and this shampoo really helps, it's the only brand that works for my hair. Dang, I had hoped they would have it in japan.
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Actually "Aussie"? 2008/12/7 08:24
I think the brand is actually called Aussie, is that right? For anyone not familiar with it, it sounds like you are asking if you can get Australian hair products in Japan ;-)

Just have it sent over if you need it or bring a large supply- send yourself a box before you leave if necessary- lots of people do.
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thanks 2008/12/7 08:27
cool, thanks a lot, I just wanted to double check if they sell that kind of brand there.
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akihabara 2008/12/7 17:32
There is a shop in the underground passage at Akihabara station that sells only imported items..we found TimTams and Vegemite..may find Aussie brand shampoo, but not so sure....
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