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how much to eat breakfast at tsukiji? 2008/12/9 13:09
Tokyo 23-ku
cheapest can be how much? Coz we are poor student cant afford too much...
Thanks very much!
by Elaine  

brekkie 2008/12/10 15:17
There are coffee shops that sell "breakfast sets" of 2 toasts, 1 poached egg,a couple of slices of ham for around 500 yen. If you are thinking sushi it would be much more expensive.
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... 2008/12/11 16:48
cheap! try one of the maguro don places (slices of tuna on top of a big bowl of rice). Its very good, filling and only costs around 1000 yen
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It's closed in Dec 2008!!! 2008/12/12 21:43
I just read an article on the mainichi daily that says that the Tsukiji fish market is closed in December. There are a lot of tourists and sometimes it stops the people from getting their business done...

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Tsukiji 2008/12/13 05:29
The market is not closed at all! it is only the auction room that is closed to tourists and lots of restaurants aren't in the market but just outside.
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Eggs and toast at Tsukiji... 2008/12/13 17:00
Yes i found sushi to be quite expensive there...
but why would u have eggs and toast at tsukiji?

Ya know...
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cheap 2008/12/13 18:28
I mentioned it because the original poster asked for a cheap breakfast and eggs/ toasts are cheap. I have never been to Tsukiji and have no interest going there, although I have seen markets in other Japanese towns.
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... 2008/12/15 10:00
Anyone asking about breakfast in Tsukiji clearly wants to know about sushi. Anyway, you won't find coffee shops or cafes inside the market, the restaurants around there specialize in sushi of course.


I agree with K. If I recall correctly from the last time I went to Tsukiji prices started around 1000 yen for things like tekkadon.


Note that the entire market will be closed from Dec 31 - Jan 4.

Otherwise from today (Dec 15th) though Jan 17th, the auctions will be closed to spectators (I think technically they always have been but tourists were tolerated). You can still check out the inner wholesale market although it is somewhat discouraged as it disrupts business. The outer market is still inside Tsukiji but outside the wholesale areas. This is where the restaurants are located and definitely remains open to tourists.
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Up to date answer 2009/11/11 15:39
My wife and I just went to Tsukiji twice for breakfast this week. We tried two different places including Daiwa. It's honestly way overpriced compared to the rest of Tokyo primarily due to the fish market tourist attraction.

1. Lowest price for a few peices will be 1500
2. If you want to leave full expect to spend around 3500.
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April 2009/11/12 06:32
We went in April: 3 adults, ordered 3500Y option, and shared:
we were each given wakame soup and unlimited tea, and there was plenty of sushi. Have no idea of name of restaurant, but we were well sated, and felt less than 1200Y per head not unreasonable for the quality, and amount. We were the only non Japanese in the restaurant, around 11.15am. It did us for lunch, having already had a light breakfast before we set out.
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