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Men Size Large Shirt in Japan to US? 2008/12/11 07:15
hi i recently ordered the Fore Front polo shirt at
http://item.rakuten.co.jp/sparkle-by-imp/90962/ I was wondering if the clothes size in Japan is slimmer or same size as US? Because the polo shirt i ordered was size Large, the model in the site was 5'8'' tall and weighed 127lbs and he wore a size medium, while i am 5'9'' tall and weigh 185lbs. Do you think it will be okay? There are measurements on the site but i don't have a tape ruler to get an exact measurement. Thank you for your help
by Danny  

clothes 2008/12/11 17:16
size L might be too small (I am familiar with cms).I am a Male, 5' 7", 155 lbs in gym clothes and Large size Japanese shirts, sweaters etc. are always too small for me in the shoulders and chest(note that the model has narrow shoulders and no chest).Mind you in North America I take anything from Small to X-large depending on style, cut, and country of origin. If worse come to worse you have a Christmas gift ready for a friend..
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True 2008/12/12 03:15
haha that's true, i guess i'll have to find something that is size "LL" in japan then. But there won't be any nice looking clothing that size =[
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J-shoppers 2008/12/12 22:09
Try jshoppers. They *will* have clothes in your size as well as the measurement sizes. They'll even tell you whether that manufacturer has clothing that's designed to fit loosely or tight.
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Thanks! 2008/12/13 02:45
Thanks Maneki! Very interesting site, but if only google can translate the site for me!! hahah.. i found some clothing brand name "Louis Chavlon" pretty nice styles and they have size "LL" too!! :D
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