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Regular Sized Condoms 2008/12/11 16:27
Is there anywhere in Tokyo where you can buy western sized condoms?
by Ted  

Try.. 2008/12/11 16:59
Most stores do carry a larger size then the average ones. It is harder to find sometimes but it can be found. I am a western guy and had the same problem. Seven Eleven worked out for me pretty well good luck.
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.... 2008/12/12 00:04
You both are bragging! Lol.
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Nice 2008/12/12 07:49
Why thank you :-) But seriosly Seven Eleven has gottem for those in need.
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. 2008/12/12 09:32
You can't fake condom size. They'll fall off if you are too optimistic!
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Super Big Boy 2008/12/13 11:27
I found some (for my partner) at one of those big pharmacy type stores, they are called Super Big Boy and have a picture of a black horse on the front. Hilarious, but they work!
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olympic supermarket 2008/12/13 17:44
my local olympic supermarket stocks them
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... 2008/12/14 22:28
I have lived in Japan for 3 years now and battled the same problem.. only solution I came to was importing.

^ yes I tried those "big boy" black horse condoms too lol.. but no, too small. No boasting - I think I'm perfectly normal size - but it is truly a trouble for western guys here. Even shinjuku shops don't stock decent sizes.

Bulk import ansells and lifestyles my friend.. you won't look back!
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