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Bringing Food or Fruit to Japan 2008/12/12 00:35
Would like to know if cooked frozen food for baby or raw fruit (ie banana) can be brought into Japan.
by MK  

... 2008/12/12 09:31
Home cooked and frozen food: no

Commercially packaged and sealed baby food: generally ok

Fresh fruit: definitely no

More info can be found on the Ministry of Agriculture, Forest, and Fisheries site here:

Or some embassy sites here:

and here:
by yllwsmrf rate this post as useful

Thanx 2008/12/12 12:37
Thank you for your reply. Very helpful.
by MK rate this post as useful

you can bring fruit 2010/5/21 09:05
You can bring fruit with you into Japan. You must go to the "Plant Quarantine" section of the airport and have your fruit inspected before clearing customs. The following fresh fruits are prohibited from importation into Japan: apple, pear, quince, nectarine, peach, plum, apricot, and cherry. I have brought oranges, strawberries, and tangerines with no problem. Each time they are inspected and cleared.
by Rachel (guest) rate this post as useful

update 2010/5/21 09:23
Thanks for the update. It prompted me to do a little more digging and you are correct that there isn't an outright ban on bringing in fresh fruits and vegetables, however there are specific bans that depend on where you will be arriving from. Here is a current list:
by yllwsmrf rate this post as useful

food 2010/5/25 06:45
I have brought in home cooked foods (breads & snacks) with no problem.
by c (guest) rate this post as useful

powdered cheese? 2010/6/13 10:09
This might seem strange but I was thinking that bringing powdered cheese like the kind you get in a mac & cheese kit would make a lot of sense given the cost of cheese and the cost of american packaged goods. What else would people bring? I noticed that american cake mixes that I pay $1 for were 900 Yen - yikes.
by kathleenwiersch rate this post as useful

cereal 2010/6/13 15:43
Even though cereal is easier to find over the past year or two, I still bring a box or two with me when I arrive. Japanese style breakfast is the one meal I havent gotten used to (and western style is very pricey for a family of 4), so a box of cereal plus disposable bowls and spoons from Lawsons does the trick for me.
by Pious (guest) rate this post as useful

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