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Johnny's Countdown Dec. 31 @ Tokyo Dome 2008/12/16 11:26
I know the tickets go on public sale Dec. 20. I'll be arriving in Japan (NRT) the same day. I've been told that there are some stores that ''resell'' tickets. Does anyone know any locations of these stores that may sell tickets to this event? Thank you :)
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Hi. 2008/12/16 18:42
Actually, there're lots of stores which resell those tickets. We call them Kinkenn Shop in Japanese.

Here's the list. (Sorry it's in Japanese.)

Try one which is near to the concert hall that you are planning to go.

If you could not find the tickets there, try another shop. You will surely get the tickets for the concert, but I'm not sure if they are sold at reasonable price in Kinkenn Shops.
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<3 2008/12/17 02:44
i'll check it out
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Johnny's Countdown 08-09 2008/12/24 13:57
Did you get your tickets yet? I tried finding the store but I got lost LOL. I really hope I can get one soon:(
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Re: Johnny's Countdown Dec. 31 @ Tokyo Dome 2011/11/30 23:28
Hello, I go to Japan next month for the end of the year. I would like to know how to get tickets for the Johnny's countdown 2012. If you know something, could you tell me please?
Thank you very much
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Re: Johnny's Countdown Dec. 31 @ Tokyo Dome 2011/12/14 20:03
As stated in the previous answers, you can try the ticket resell shops. There is one store in Shibuya (near the center-gai), and one in Harajuku (takeshita dori) that sell a number of johnnys related tickets. Be prepared to pay quite a hefty sum for the tickets though.
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Re: Johnny's Countdown Dec. 31 @ Tokyo Dome 2011/12/15 06:20
Haha, i guess I subscribed to this thread because I received a notification email.

Anyway, no, I did not end up going. The tickets were very easy to find. Especially in Takeshita Dori where they had quite a few. Unfortunately I think the cheapest ticket was the equivalent of $600 US for a bad seat... I even checked on the day of the concert, and the price only went down a little bit. So expect to spend a lot of cash if you're really desperate.

For me, as I was searching in Takeshita Dori for tickets, a random agent offered to invite my friends and I as VIP guests to the X Japan New Year's eve gig for free. I couldn't resist such an offer!

Good luck! getting tickets to concerts for your fave specific JE bands will probably be easier (unless it's Arashi)
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Re: Johnny's Countdown Dec. 31 @ Tokyo Dome 2012/1/2 23:00
I really wanna go at the end of this year.. and I'm reading all your tips on how to get tickets.. 600 is ALOT to spend for ONE show.. Keep posting any more helpful information PLEASE!! THANK YOU!!
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