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Small towns In Japan 2008/12/17 09:43
I want to go to japan someday (to live) and i Almost have my heart set on Nara, but that's mostly because i can't find any small towns(or villages or whatever) Other than tourist-packed towns and not-so-pretty towns. Any ideas??
by ♥Beth♥  

small towns 2008/12/17 12:40

Japan is full of small towns; check out this site, as a start, and keep looking.

As for living here, review some of the previous information posted in this forum for what is required - there are different options depending on where you are from. The place you live (at least initially) will probably be dictated by where you can find work.
by Spendthrift rate this post as useful

Small Towns 2008/12/17 16:10
Try checking out Sasebo. About 40 miles north of Nagasaki. It is a Navy Town but has many interesting things to offer and is considered being "in the country", yet only 1.5 hrs from Fukuoka if you need big city amenities. We've been here 6 months and I love it. People are very friendly and helpful.
by MsAmc rate this post as useful

what?! 2008/12/18 01:33
japan is full of tiny towns. there are thousands of picturesque fishing villages all over japan, there are tiny villages in the mountains all over tohoku and around nagano, etc.

but do you really want to live in such an inaka place? driving will be mandatory, so if you're american you'll need to go through the japanese licensing system. if you're from one of the colonial countries (uk, canada, nz, aus, etc.) then you can exchange your license for a japanese one no fuss.
by winterwolf rate this post as useful

Small towns 2008/12/18 02:52
Why not try Shikoku or Kyushu. Tons of small towns that are not touristy.
by ichinensei rate this post as useful

... 2008/12/18 08:30
provided you can find a job there...
by Sira rate this post as useful

Re: 2008/12/19 12:57
MsAmc: Thanks for the suggestion, I'm looking it up right now.

winterwolf: I really want an out-of-the-way home, but not isolated! Within a train or bike ride's distance. By the way, what does "inaka" mean?

ichinensei: THANKS!!☺

Sira: You're mean!! Sheesh, I have a few more years before i become an adult, I just want to know what towns there are so i can look for a job there someday!!
by ♥Beth♥ rate this post as useful

... 2008/12/19 14:11
Sira: You're mean!! Sheesh, I have a few more years before i become an adult, I just want to know what towns there are so i can look for a job there someday!!

Sira's not being mean, just realistic. The smaller the town, the fewer jobs are available for foreigners. Great that you're planning ahead but think about what jobs you'll be looking for. For example, unless you are looking at teaching english, the majority of non-teaching jobs that foreigners do such as finance or IT will not be available in small towns.
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... 2008/12/19 14:16
btw, inaka means countryside.
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welllll 2008/12/19 14:21
There are milllionsssss of small towns all over Japan(as others have said) and since you're still a teenager(I'm guessing) then you probably shouldn't be focused on any certain town, just go to college and visit Japan as a FES for a year or two, do a little travelling while you're there and take a look around. By the time you get your degree and know what you want to do, you'll know what places are available for you to work.

Like others have said, getting a job in a small town vs. a big city will be harder, so try not to set your heart on any specific towns, just look at your job options after you get your degree and do research on the small towns that you have job opportunities in(of course that's years off).

Another thing, if you don't mind me asking, what particularly draws you to small towns vs. big cities or regular sized cities?
by Olivia35 rate this post as useful

Oh geez... 2008/12/19 23:32
Sira wasn't being at all mean.

You'll have to have a marketable skill that is desired in the Japanese workforce to the point that someone would hire a foreigner to do it, because there are loads of talented people already in Japan that don't require visas. Unless you have a great talent you aren't necessarily going to be their first pick.

Second, if you go on a student visa, you can't just live anywhere. You'll have to be close to your school, and there are strict rules you have to follow about how much you're allowed to work. Also you will have to be IN school the entire time. The Japanese government doesn't play around with people who don't have the proper reason to be in the country.

The reality is this: Japan is another country, another culture. They speak a totally different language. You want to talk about culture shock? Run over there and throw yourself into a small Japanese town. I hope it will be everything you dreamed, but I doubt it.

Since you're young, and you have plenty of time, try studying the language for a bit. Learn about more than Japan's entertainment exports, and do some actual research about the places you might think you will be most comfortable. If this is a serious dream then it will require serious work.
by Kelly rate this post as useful

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