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ATSUHIME shopping! 2008/12/18 00:40
Konichiwa ATSUHIME fans!

Like many who loved the series ATSUHIME, I would like to buy momentos of the show .. ..

I'm not going to Kyushu, but will be in Tokyo .. .. Does anyone know if NHK has a store where you can buy souvenirs of their shows (still photos, posters, etc.)??

Or is there a TV FAN store somewhere in Tokyo? Ginza, or Shinjuku perhaps??

by Sammi  

Tokyo Station 2008/12/18 08:59
There's a small NHK shop in the underground shopping mall under Tokyo Station. You'll find a small Snoopy Shop and TBS shop in the area as well.
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Days of Klimt 2008/12/18 21:07
NHK station in Shibuya has a little course for tourists to visits. I'm not sure if that would be your best option, but with this unusually high audience rating, there's got to be some kind of Atsuhime merchandise on sale there.
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