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Hair dryer? 2008/12/18 16:13
Can anyone tell me the price range for a hairdryer? I'm after something basic but good. Also, do they sell hairdryers in daiso / 100yen stores?

Thank you.
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Re: Hair dryer? 2008/12/18 21:12
The cheapest dryer I could find online costed 680 JPY.
You will never find a hair dryer at daiso / 100yen stores.

An usual hair dryer with reasonable performance would cost about 2-5 thousand yen,
and hair dryers of best grade would cost more than 10 thousand yen.

I don't get what makes you interested in the price of hair dryers sold in Japan.
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I'm... 2008/12/19 07:23
I'm female and moving over to japan in January.... many women consider a hairdryer essential. I certainly do.

I'm on a fairly tight budget so I just wanted to get an idea of the cost of things I would have to buy once I arrive.
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you're.... 2008/12/19 14:51
You're moving to Japan in January?!? You must be so excited! GAH what are you moving there for, like a student program or moving there for a job, or what?
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got it 2008/12/19 19:38
With your reply, one mystery was solved for me :)

Ask whatever you're worried about beforehand, and it would not be too much.
You will get shocked by something you are utterly unconscious of.

I hope you enjoy the moving, good luck.
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Thanks! 2008/12/21 10:19
Thank you for your advice, greatfully received!

I a very excited to begoing, but it is quite a logistical nightmare to decide what to leave and what to take. I know I can buy most stuff in Japan but everyone wants their creatuecomforts, right?
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