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Japanese presents? 2008/12/19 14:37
I have a cousin who LOVES Japan, all things Japanese, etc...etc...

I want to get her a Japanese gift basket for her birthday coming up in February, filled with all sorts of Japanese things from food(Japanese sodas, snacks, etc...) to Japanese clothes(though I expect they don't have anything too different from Western clothes lol) to shampoos and soaps(I hear the Japanese are somewhat known for very expensive shampoo and my cousin has "hinted" at wanting to try some) to anything else you can think of!

So I have two questions.

1. Would anyone who is Japanese on this site give me a few suggestions of what to put in an 18-year-old's gift basket of Japanese stuff? All I can think of is food, shampoo and clothes, and I really want to put a wide variety of Japanese stuff in there! And not just junk like food, but some nicer little tokens too.

2. What websites can I buy some of these things that ship to the U.S.A? Anyone have any suggestions of good, quality, reliable websites?

Thanks in advance!

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japanese presents 2008/12/19 20:35
What about Japanese woodcraft hand mirror or accessories.
It won't run out as shampoos or snakcs do, so she can keep them.

As you know, nowadays Japanese doesn't usually wear traditional clothing,
and I don't think you can get genuine Japanese style clothing at reasonable price.
Those you can easily get at low prices are only of toy-like quality.
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. 2008/12/19 23:20
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Japanese Stuff 2008/12/20 17:18
Though not a lot of people wear the traditional garments anymore, you can still buy second hand ones for relatively reasonable prices. However, wearing Furisode's (if she is under 25 and unmarried) or Tomesode (married) requires quite a few accessories and a fair bit of knowledge to wear properly.

I suggest buying her a yukata with a pre-made obi. Itfs made of cotton so itfs cool and she can wear it as a bathrobe (though it would be a shame to use them like that) or wear it to Japanese events (If I recall correctly, you have a festival in the US donft you?). Plus itfs easy to wear. Gary-san owns an eBay store


and is very helpful and friendly. I've bought quite a few of my accessories from him. If you do decide to buy her a Yukata and pre-made obi, remember to buy at least two koshi himo so that she can tie her yukata properly.

Hannari-Ya (http://stores.ebay.com.au/Hannari-Ya) is another eBay store that sells various items from Japan. Maybe even throw in a Kanzashi (handmade hair accessory made from silk/fabric) for her or lip-gloss, or bath salts?

Even though Ifm not Japanese, Ifm very much in love with Japanese things like your cousin so I hope this post will give you some ideas. ^__^
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