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Where can I buy the J-rock stuff? 2008/12/21 01:39
Tokyo 23-ku
I am a big fan of X-japan and Dir en grey.
I will be in Japan, Osaka and Tokyo, next year, but I've known only the general information of Japan. So I have some questions for special information, J-rock information.

I've heard about the Like an Edison shop and LEMONed shop.

Do they locate in Shibuya?

I've heard that Osaka is a town of J-rock. lol. Is there any shop or area that I can find the J-rock stuff?

Where can I buy X-japan figure collection, doll and something like that ?

very thanks to you all. m(= =)m
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. 2008/12/21 23:27
You could check out haraijuku, there's a street with lots of ''different'' style clothing, ranging from hip/hop to grunge, etc..
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Shibuya 109-2 Men and Harajuku 2008/12/23 07:06
Harajuku is a good place....Also you must definitely go to Shibuya 109-2 Mens Shops. Its right on the corner there in the big Shibuya crossing. I was there last April and they have a lot of J-rock and j-pop clothing for men.
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Love X Japan! 2009/3/22 12:10
I have the same question as above. I would love to know where can i buy X-japan merchandize, figure collection, doll, DVD or anything that is X Japan?

Hoping to see X Japan on their forthcoming concerts in May. Any oversea fans here? :-)

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Um... 2009/3/22 17:00
In a junk shop?? :-)
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Osaka 2009/3/23 16:13
Osaka's visual kei scene has been a bit more vibrant than Tokyo's post early '00.

The focal point of the fashion and cd shops is Amerikamura (easily accessable by subway and a short walk). The livehouse BIG CAT is located in the Osaka BIG SITE and the department store itself is full of gothic and punk fashion shops. The surrounding neighborhood has easy-to-find clothing and cd shops along with cheap and used shops throughout.

Generally speaking, the bands you're interested in now aren't the main draw with younger kids -- they're a little out of date. In which case you're probably going to find more of interest in a TRIO or a regular large cd shop than you will in most BRAND-X shops.

Nakano (in Tokyo) is a good stop for used/out-of-date goods. Backissues of magazines from as late as 1970 are available in the shops there, along with posters, tour books, etc. It's also a good place to find very cheap used cds, LPs, and videos.
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nakano? 2009/3/24 21:07
can someone give me nakano store adress in tokyo?
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The entireity of Nakano Broadway 2009/3/24 22:05
There are a variety of shops located in the Nakano Broadway shopping center. It's visable from the Nakano JR train platform and within walking distance. Just follow the covered shotengai to the end.
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