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Second hand designer handbags in Tokyo? 2008/12/27 13:52
Preferably Shibuya, Harajuku areas. Names and addresses of stores would be very helpful! By designer, I mean Chanel, Gucci, LV, etc.

Is it worth buying second-hand or is first-hand better?

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second hand 2008/12/28 17:19
People buy second hand bags, clothes, shoes ,cars, furniture etc. because they are obviously cheaper--often Much cheaper -- than new items. But their quality may not be as great because of the wear and tear. On the other hand .second or even third,. fourth hand stuff over 75 years old become antique and can be pricey, especially if in mint condition. One advantage of used stuff is that you may be able to get something very original as it is no longer made.
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Second-hand designer bags: Fukuoka 2010/5/15 03:12

I need a new handbag as I'm sick of having the options of either a tiny one that holds nothing - and is falling apart anyway - or a big backpack that I use for university.

I'm after a designer label, or if that's not possible, then somewhere that does vintage accessories would be fine.
I'm able to go to Fukuoka and Kumamoto.

Many thanks
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