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Where can I find some rave parties? 2008/12/29 22:56
I am looking for rave parties like back in the states. I haven't been able to find any here, but I heard that they have some. I am looking for any rave parties in Yokohama or Tokyo area. If you can help me out, that would be great. I hope to hear from someone soon.
by oLUXo  

Parties? 2009/1/4 19:26
Does anyone know anything?
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Did you get the info 2009/1/6 12:20
I too am heading over to Japan and was wondering if you had much luck finding out about these parties as i am also interested.
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rave 2009/1/6 15:38
ever heard of Google? I found the following in 1 second www.ravelinks.com/links/raves/asia/tokyo.htm
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rave link 2009/1/6 16:45
Yes, I have heard about google and I have searched up and down that link in the past and it gives no information what so ever about any rave parties. I am sorry, but google is not your friendly neighbor here. Any other help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Rave 2009/1/8 04:23
I don't know where you live but in my small town (2.5 millions) in North America rave aren't advertised. People get invite by word of mouth, on facebook, e-mail etc. Invitation or messages to rave parties in North America are in English only and by the same token those in Japan will be in Japanese only which is why you can't find info on the net about them.
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Solstice23 and Total Solar Eclipse 2009 2009/7/9 20:34

The site above has a lot of info. You can use google translator to translate the info into English.


This outdoor party will be a huge 9 day event with international DJs. It will take place during the solar eclipse. It's not easy to get there, but if you can make it, it will be an event to remember!
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