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About JP Dep. Stores..Wako, Seibu etc. 2008/12/30 14:40
Japan do have tons of Department Stores..

And each of them seems like to have different classes and characteristics. @_@

Wako, Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya, Seibu, Marui, Matsuzakaya, Sogo, Daimaru, Isetan, Tokyu, Hankyu, Hanshin, Tenmaya etc. etc. etc.

Would any one please explain to me what classes and characteristics they are?

From what I understand.. Wako, Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya position themselves as Hi-Class Department Stores..

Sogo, Daimaru, Isetan, Tokyu seem to position themselves as ''Daily Life Department Stores''

Am I right? What about others?

Or is there any dep. stores that I should know and visit?

Thank you and Happy New Year
by CPMK  

in my bias opinion 2009/1/1 17:42
I don't think Wako is a department store,@because@everything there is so expensive!
Department stores should not make people hesitate to get into, whereas Wako always makes me awkward.

Hi-class ranking in Tokyo
1.Mitsukoshi-Honten 2.Takashimaya-Nihonbashi

Keio in Shinjuku is popular among old ladies.
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Thank you and HPNY 2009/1/5 00:56
Thankx, (ĹM)
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. 2009/1/5 01:42
Honestly speaking I think it varies depending on each individual store branch then as a whole. For example, I've been to some Isetans that felt really upscale (maybe because of new design) and other Isetans that felt "regular". Same for Takayshimaya.
Some parts maybe high class others might be "everyday".

I'm not sure how to explain it well. All department stores are generally overpriced anyway in my opinion.

WAKO (in Ginza) is definately high end. But any department store regardless of brand identity located in Ginza is expensive in my opinion.
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... 2009/1/5 09:30
There are different characteristics (targeted customer age brackets, etc.) in addition to just "class."

From a Japanese working woman in her early 40s, just living a normal life, definitely not affluent, not into branded fashion goods, this is my take, from what I know of those stores in central Tokyo locations (my comments are mainly concerning their fashion apparel merchandise):

- Wako: Set my foot into it once in my life. I never have to go there again. It's a department store but in reality more like a place where truly rich people can go, put their request in for high-end items, then the shop comes to your door with those, to be bought on credit (not even on credit card but just with your name) - don't bother with this place.

- Mitsukoshi and Takashimaya: Good, traditional department stores, but somewhat on the old-fashioned side in terms of fashion items. Catering more to relatively elderly, rich housewives. Maybe Daimaru belongs to this type..

- Tokyu: They have grocery store chains too, so you might think it's everyday thing (and they might claim to be "everyday" style, because they want you to come), but the department store is on the classy side.

- Isetan: I go there once in a while to browse, but definitely only for window-shopping, because generally things are just too expensive (good
quality though)! I think this is for relatively young (and young-at-heart) people who want the latest fashion, no matter what the price is.

- Seibu: I shop there often; their clothing covers a wide age ranges comfortably, and the styling is smart, good for working women.

- Marui: Definitely for young people, in their 20s at most to early 30s. Latest fashion items at affordable prices.
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Itoyokado 2009/1/5 13:17
I like Itoyokado the best, because the prices are quite@reasonable.
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... 2009/1/5 13:58
I agree, they have better prices. But Ito Yokado is not considered a "department store" :) It's GMS, general merchandise store, isn't it? Just like Seiyu, Jusco, and Saty/Aeon are.
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Thanks 2009/1/5 14:13
Thank you so much for your answer, John, AK and (ĹM).

What about Donki, Takeya and Ito-Yokado.
Are they similar?
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. 2009/1/5 14:34
Donki as in don quijote?

I wouldn't class those stores as department stores at all.

Consider them jack of all trade discount shops.

Literally anything you might need could be found in a Don quijote. Except they seem to have no order sometimes, sex toys right next to groceries.
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. 2009/1/5 14:39
Don't get me wrong, I love those stores, good prices, I got a suit there once (I'm cheap), and at the big one near Okubo in the Korean neighborhood, plus they sell rootbeer and cherry coke, hard to find commodities in Japan. (The donki one near Kabukicho in Shinjuku is too darn crowded and small).
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