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Japanese Cigarettes 2009/1/3 05:29
I don't smoke. But what is a good brand of Japanese-made cigarettes that I can take back home for my dad? I'm buying a carton. Any idea, how much it would come up to?
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Re: 2009/1/3 15:00
For cigarettes is something with taste, I'm not sure whether buying a single carton of one brand or buying several kind of packets is good.
But even when he doesn't like it, at least he can spare it to his friend, so a carton will do.

For I'm not familiar to foreign cigarrets,
I'm not completely sure which brand is only to be seen in Japan,
but I think at least " Mine" is such Japanese brand.
This is not english word for explosives, but this is Japanese word which means high peak of mountain and pronounced like me-neigh.
This cigarettes have one Kanji on its package so foreigners might find it interesting.

Googling tells me the Duty Free price of a carton of this "Mine" would be about two thousand yen.
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Re: 2009/1/3 15:03
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... 2009/1/3 15:11
If you want a Japanese brand, then it would be: Mild Seven (different strengths), Caster, Seven Star, Cabin, Peace, Short Hope (quite strong), Hi-lite, Frontier, "Mine," etc.

I recommend that you buy at the Duty Free shop at the airport as you leave Japan - in town, a carton can cost 3,000 or 3,200, and at the duty free shop it would be around 2,000 yen.
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