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How to get my welfare pension 2009/1/5 17:06
I worked to japan for a couple of years ago and decided to go back in philippines.

I would like to ask if there`s a posibility that I can get my welfare pension?

And what are te requirements
and how long it will takes?
by james  

... 2009/1/5 17:41
How long has it been since you left Japan? You have to apply within 2 years to receive a refund.
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How to get my welfare pension 2009/1/6 16:14
I left japan One year ago if there's a opportunity to comeback again in japan for the other employer can I get my welfare after i leave again to my new employer?
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... 2009/1/6 16:50
do you currently have a valid visa? If you cancelled your visa then you need to apply for your pension refund within the next year. You can go back and work in Japan again and eventually apply for a pension refund for that time period at a future date.
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