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Host Club: How much does it cost? 2009/1/7 20:24
Hi! I'm going to Japan for three months and i happen to be in tokyo for my birthday, so i wanted to go to a host club with a friend as a present to myself.

The language is not a problem (i've been studying japanese for 4 years and going to attend an advanced language course)...but i am corios about the prices. Of course i'm not going to order Dom Perignon to the n.1 host...does anybody know the average prices?
Thank you in advance!!
by Georgia  

.. 2009/1/8 22:04
Will your knowledge of Japanese help you if you are charged much more than you are told ?
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From around 2,000-5,000 2009/1/9 01:59

I've been to some host clubs a few times, and they're quite fun. But make sure that you go to a club that doesn't mind foreigners, as the hosts can be totally uninterested in talking to you if that's not the case, and it wouldn't be very fun for you!

Pricewise, it depends on the club. But as it will be your first time there the prices range from 2,000 to 5,000 yen. As long as you don't go back to club it's not so expensive (prices ranging from 10,000, 20,000 and more!). Your drinks are included in this too.

If I were you I would walk around Kabukicho in Shinjuku (assuming that's where you're going) with your friends and wait for some hosts to come up to you with a flyer, as they will then take you to the club themselves. Obviously the clubs can be in dodgy areas so it's better than wandering over there by yourselves! It's also a good way to know whether foreigners are accepted, as they are coming to you in the first place! Being able to speak Japanese to a reasonable extent is the only requirement (besides being 20, of course).

Hope this information was useful for you. Enjoy Japan ;)
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thank you!! 2009/1/9 02:20
Thank you so much Rachel! Your answer was really helpful! I'll go to take a walk round shinjuku then (it's the nearest to my school).
Waiting for them to approach me is indeed a good strategy! Now that i think about it, the last time i went to Tokyo i saw hosts, but unluckilly i was with my boyfriend at the time so they didn't dare to come near (and i didn't dare to rave at them XD).

ttkkyyoo: thank you for warning me. Does this kind of thing happen often? Of course i can make complaints in japanese, but it's different if they tries to fool me because i'm a gaijin. I think i'll make my japanese friend come by...
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not expensive? 2009/2/25 17:43
Well, I have been interested in going too. But I am kind of too scared. I'm afraid, that in the end it would cost me pretty much :/ and my japanese isn't the best though. I can talk smalltalk, and a little bit further, but I have met some Hosts, which could speak a little bit English, it was enough to talk in a mix of japanese and english. My friends do not really talk japanese, so I guess it would be difficult wouldn't it?

I have heard that hosts would be really expensive! And that they try to make you drink much so that you'll pay more! I have seen the movie "The Great Happiness Space" too. There was told that some costumers would have to pay some thousands of dollars for one visit!

Well, the hosts I met on the street told me 1 hour 1000yen and nomihoudai. Is that true? Can I go for that and come out with only paying 1000 yen? up to 5000 oder 6000 yen per person would be okay for us I guess.
Because of the Movie and what I have heard I somehow can't believe that it would only cost 1000 to 2000 yen ^^;
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.. 2009/2/25 19:09
''Well, the hosts I met on the street told me 1 hour 1000yen and nomihoudai. Is that true? Can I go for that and come out with only paying 1000 yen?''

Yes, that is true. I've done that several times. :) It's a way to get new customers. But if you go to the same club again (without a flyer), they will charge you more. So keep changing clubs, and never go without a flyer.
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Flyer? 2009/2/26 00:17
"So keep changing clubs, and never go without a flyer."

They never gave me one. Why do I have to have one? Is it kind of an "pay less entry" haha? XD

I only ONCE got a flyer from some guys spreading it. But other hosts never gave me one. And I talked with at least 20 Hosts on the streets within 2 weeks :D
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. 2009/2/26 22:52
did they take you to the club then? quite often they just hand out flyers that say "2000 yen for 2 h, nomihoudai" or something like that. and then you walk to the club, give the flyer to the staff there and that's it..
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