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why was my friends e-mail adds deleted? 2009/1/7 23:54
firstly,i wanted to add my japanese friends e-mail addresses to my hotmail acount.but some of the addresses when i tried to add them,there was a tab that said that the add was unavailable or the add is incorrect or something like that.so i edited it,deleting some of the comas (like most of the japanese e-mail addresses have) or some symbols which seemed a little too much.and then,their addresses were accepted strangely.after that,i sent them mails to notify them that i'm their friend which they recently met.but after a long week,there was no reply whatsoever.i was also wondering whether they would even understand what i was saying.but surprisingly,i found out that their e-mail addresses suddenly disappeared from my contact list..i almost lost hope to contact them anymore cos this long distance communication has a lot of complications.i also wanna know how to write in english but make my friends understand what i'm talking about
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... 2009/1/8 10:10
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I would recommend contacting hotmail as they would know their system better than we would.

Can you give us an example of what the original email addresses looked like (altered of course)?

If they are cell phone email addresses (ending in ezweb.ne.jp, docomo.ne.jp, softbank.ne.jp, etc.) then they may have their spam settings to automatically block email sent from PCs.

i also wanna know how to write in english but make my friends understand what i'm talking about

Other than using simple English in basic short sentences, there's not much else you can do.
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Still too hard to understand 2009/1/8 10:12
Nuttygirl, as with the last time you asked, your sentences are very difficult to understand, and I'm a native English speaker!

Could you possibly make your questions simpler, with shorter sentences and complete words, and ask one question at a time?

To make it easier to understand, start new topics on a new line, use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, and put spaces between commas/periods and the following word. That is standard English and will make what you write easier to understand for both native and non-native English speakers.

No-one can help you if they have no idea what you are asking.

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