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sending note 2009/1/12 21:39
I'm and American military spouse who needs some help. In December my son was transfered from the Navy hospital in Okinawa, to a Japanese Childrens PICU.

During his 3 week stay I met a Japanese woman in the waiting room with a relative in ICU. She spoke limited english, but we became "friends" and exchanged address's.

I want to send her a note to let her know my son survived, and is doing well. I also want to see how her husbands recovery has gone.

Can someone please help me? Until my own mother arrived on Okinawa, this woman was like a mother to me. She held me when I cryed, she spoke to nurses for me. She was so kind, and I am forever grateful.

What is the best way to greet her? Postcard? Letter? Greeting card? What do I say. Should I use basic english words? Any tips would be helpful.
by Z (guest)  

great idea 2009/1/13 14:50

Postcard, letter, greeting card, anything is fine, I think. Yes, use basic school text book English, and write in short sentences in clear block letters. Try to keep it short. It will be easier for her to read.

Take care.
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