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Widest range of randoseru in tokyo? 2009/1/13 23:17
Tokyo 23-ku
I would like to buy a randoseru in Tokyo. May I know where i can find the widest range in tokyo? I want one with a metal clasp in front but I don't see alot of those kind. Can anyone give me some suggestions?
by randoseru (guest)  

... 2009/1/14 10:47
Normally when you say "randoseru," it has the leather top flap cover the
whole bag, with the metal clasp (magnet or latch) at the bottom. That's the
traditional style... the type with the metal clasp right at the center (like
the school bag that junior/senior high school kids carry, but the type that
comes with shoulder straps instead of the normal handle) may be popular one
year, then not quite that popular the next year :(

If you try general merchandise shop/large supermarkets like AEON, Seiyu, etc., they might have a section where they display all the types available (in time for school year starting in April). Try having a look if there is one in your neighborhood - good luck :)
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On a related note... 2009/1/14 14:45
Junior/senior high school kids don't carry school bags with metal clasps any more :)
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thanks, another qn... 2009/1/14 23:48
thanks for the reply.. ok another question.. i'm only going back to tokyo in the last week of april.. will they still be selling those bags then?
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awnser to randoseru question 2009/3/4 11:12
go to lawrara they sell awide range of sailor fukus and randoseru from 66!
they do brithish pound
hong kong dollar
us doller
and euros

hope i helped a bit im only 9 so soz if i didnt help -o-
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