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Cooking chopsticks? 2009/1/14 02:09
Are there longer chopsticks that are made for cooking in Japan? Cause when I see food being made with them they certainly look longer than the ones we eat with.
If there are some what's the typical price for a pair?
by ilyxo  

... 2009/1/14 09:39
Yes, there are, and they are called "saibashi." They are longer, and normally made from bamboo - less prone to heat damage and easy to clean as well. Some have grooves at the tips so that it's easier to pick up food (non-slip). Maybe 100 or 200 yen a pair? Silicon ones are more expensive, though.
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Re: 2009/1/14 14:16
Additional note here for you are interested in its price.

While saibashi (the longer ones) are pragmatic cooking tools used in kitchen,
usual chopsticks are cutlary used on dining table.
You can find both kind of chopsticks in wide variation of price,
but in general, usual chopsticks have much decorations and tend to cost expensive.
While there are artistically beautiful chopsticks which costs several thousand yen,
I don't think there are such highgrade saibashi.
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. 2009/1/17 10:55
Thank you both, I got some yesterday!
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