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Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan 2009/1/16 13:38
Hi Uji
I'm interested in the Shikaribetsu Lake Kotan ice scruptures. Could you please advise what is the best way to get there by public transport in Hakkaido. Any other useful information is greatly appreciated.
Thank you
by Snowy (guest)  

Shikaribetsu 2009/1/16 18:51
There is a free bus that goes from Obihiro JR station or Shintoku JR Station (Shintoku being closer).

However, there are only 4 runs a day (free bus), though they also run another route to the Lake from Obihiro (but that route has many stops along the way and not free).

If you stay at any of the 2 hotels there (HOtel Fusui or Hotel Fukuhara), you can get free transport from Obihiro to the hotel as well (next to the lake)

More information here at the bus company website:

Free Sightseeing Bus:

Regular Bus:

However, you'll need to be able to read Japanese to understand it.
by Jenny (guest) rate this post as useful

Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan 2009/1/16 23:43
Hi Jenny
Great Thanks for the information. I'll check it out.
by Snowy (guest) rate this post as useful

free shuttle bus for hotel guests? 2009/1/23 17:31
Hi jenny, i don't read japanese so i'm hoping to get some help from you.

the time schedule for the free sightseeing bus (4x per day), which JR station is Ohibiro the 1st one or 2nd one (i'm referring to the 1st row from JR station to the Lake)? I can read minimal kanji.

I"m staying at hotel Fukuhara but i can't get any info from them regarding the free shuttle bus service that they provide so i guess i'm stuck with this sightseeing bus.

thanks so much
by v_ni (guest) rate this post as useful

figure it out! 2009/1/23 18:03
ok i managed to figured it out. :)

shintoku is the 2nd JR station.

by v_ni (guest) rate this post as useful

hotel fukuhara free shuttle 2009/1/26 14:51

Here's the free shuttle schedule i found on the hotel's website:

Shintoku JR - Hotel Fukuhara:

1. Dep 1:10 PM - Arr 2:00 PM
2. Dep 3:15 PM - Arr 4:05 PM

Hotel Fukuhara - Shintoku JR:

1. Dep 10:10 AM - 11:00 AM
2. Dep 2:10 PM - 3:00 PM

You have reserve the bus at least 3 days in advance with the hotel. I think their front desk should have some ppl who can speak a little bit of English.

by Jenny (guest) rate this post as useful

... 2009/1/26 18:17
Btw, it's 3 days before your check-in date.

I think it might be better to go with the hotel shuttle b/c I'm not sure where the Taku Bus dropoff at Shikaribetsu is. Might require a light walk and it would be hassle carrying all that luggage.
by jenny (guest) rate this post as useful

Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan & Sounkyo 2009/2/3 13:18
Hi Jenny
Do you know what is the easiest/fastest way to travel between Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan & Sounkyo on public transport (I do not drive).
Between Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan & Sounkyo Ice Festival, which one is nicer and not to be missed if i only have time to visit one place.
Thank you :)
by Snowy (guest) rate this post as useful

Shikaribetsu to Sounkyo 2009/2/4 11:28
Hi Snowy,

Actually i am just going to Hokkaido for the first time myself, so I have yet to experience either Shikaribetsu or Sounkyo.

I personally thought that Shikaribetsu Kotan is more unique, given that everything is built on ice. I was gonna go in my upcoming trip (which is why I know about how to get there), but I had to can it in the end coz i just couldn't fit it in.

However, the scenary in
Sounkyo is pretty breathtaking I heard.

As for getting to Sounkyo from Shikaribetsu, it depends on where you'll be staying at Sounkyo. If you're staying at Sounkaku Grand Hotel, they have a free shuttle bus ("North Liner Mikumi Bus")between Obihiro and the hotel:

Dep: Obihiro Bus Touch Info Desk(just across from Obihiro Bus Terminal) at 14:30

See here for details (scroll down for Obihiro departure):

To get to Obihiro from Shikaribetsu, either take free hotel shuttle bus or Taku Bus (link provided above) to Shintoku JR (then take JR to Obihiro) or to Obihiro JR and walk to bus terminal.

If your hotel does not provide free transport (such info should be available on hotel's official website), then you'll have to take the JR from Shintoku station (closest to Shikaribetsu) to Kamikawa station. From Kamikawa, you'll have to take a bus to the Sounkyo Onsen area and then look for your hotel. I would think most big hotels provide some sort of pick-up or shuttle bus service - check with them.

Hope this helps.

by Jenny (guest) rate this post as useful

Shikaribetsu to Sounkyo 2009/2/4 13:26
Hi Jenny
Thank you for your reply.
I've been to Hokkaido but not in the winter, so was looking forward to see these ice festivals. I believe you will love Hokkaido.
I did find out the way between Shikaribetsu to Sounkyo via JR at Obihiro & Kamikawa which is quite long & time-consuming. So, was wondering if you know anything about bus transport that may save time; as such information are not so available in english (mostly japanese).
Your reply helps; I'll explore further. Thanks for sharing the information.
Wishing you a safe & joyful trip!
by Snowy (guest) rate this post as useful

Obihiro - Sounkyo 2009/2/4 18:51
You can take the North Liner Mikuni Bus from Obihiro Station to Sounkyo.

Dep times are 9:30 and 14:30.

Fare per adult is 2,200 (free if you stay at Sounkaku Hotel - but you must reserve through the hotel in advance and pick up the tix at the bus station before you leave).

If you are buying the fare yourself, you'll need to make reservation: +81-155-31-8811.

The website says 30days in a advance, but i think you can try to make it now.

You'll arrive at the Sounkyo Bus station - where you can have your hotel pick you up (i'm sure they all have free shuttle bus services).

The bus ride takes a little over 2 hours.

Hope this helps.

by jenny (guest) rate this post as useful

Shikaribetsu vs Tomamu Ice Village 2009/2/4 22:54
seem very similar,anyone know the difference and which is a better choice ?

check out the website
by bumkay rate this post as useful

Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan 2009/2/15 17:10
I just came back from Hokkaido. We stayed at Hotel Fuluhara. They provide free transfer from JR Shintoku. It is about 1 hr 15 min drive up the mountains to the lake. The lake has a igloo village, ice bar, hot spring, etc...not a big area though. It is right in front of Hotel Fukuhara. You can email and request for transfer

from Shintoku station  13:10 15:15
from Hotel to station 10:10 14:10

This hotel is good, the room is nice and cosy. The onsen is fantastic. We love the place as it is quiet and peaceful.

by Irene (guest) rate this post as useful

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