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Travel Plans to Hokkaido 2009/1/16 15:07

I have paid for a travel package to Hokkaido from 4th Feb to 8th Feb 2009. The travel agency is Oriental Brother Co. Ltd based in Japan. I have paid fully but till now I have not received any e-ticket for my JAL flight to Sapporo as well as my hotel vouchers. And I have tried calling the travel agent numerous times but to no avail. Seems like the travel agency has closed down!!! Is there any way I can do to retrieve my money? It's about US$1,100 in total! Or is it possible for us to lodge a police report in Japan? Can anybody pls help urgently? Thanks very much!

The travel agent's details is Oriental Brother Co. Ltd. 4th Michiwa Building 5F Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032 Japan. Tel: +81-3-5540-5086.
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Ask in "travel" 2009/1/16 20:52
I am assuming that you are already in Japan...?
I do not know the law there but in many countries travel agents have an insurance to cover going out of business. If this were to happen in my country it would not be a police matter but one for the insurer. I suggest that you contact the airline for good local advice.
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Ask shohisha center or police 2009/1/17 00:57
Either call The National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan (NCAC)

or the police and see if they have any information on what you can do.

From a very quick internet search, I easily found Japanese information that this agency had broke down a few weeks ago.


I'm afraid I can't really say that you will always be insured your payments. It doesn't work that way here in Japan.

Btw, the section that each question on this forum ends up is decided by the webmaster.
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... 2009/1/17 16:01
Do you have travel insurance? They might be able to help depending on your cover. JAL might be able to honour your flights if they had already been booked and paid for by the travel agent.
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