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real & fake burberry blue label 2009/1/18 12:23
Pls help, i just bought 2 burberry blue label bag from takashimaya in tokyo, people told told me my bags are fake cause the lines does not connect to each other so may know how to diffrentiate it? Pls help me.......
by estella (guest)  

Fake or real 2009/1/19 03:26
It seems unlikely that a big department store chain like Takashimaya sells fakes, so I guess the people you spoke to are confused with goods of other brands.
If you're still worried, best thing I can advice you is to contact the company and send them a couple of photos.
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It's not fake 2009/1/19 09:01
It is highly illegal to sell fake brand goods in Japan and it seems totally unbelievable that an old, prestigious and trusted store like Takashimaya would allow fake goods. Fake Burberry would usually be sold under the train tracks somewhere, not in a high end department store.

I would tend to trust that a store like Takashimaya is not selling fakes. The people who told you the bags might be fake are probably just operating on hearsay and much more likely to be wrong than the store.

If you are still worried, send photos as advised above, but I don't think you have anything to be worried about.

Japan is very strict about the import and sale of fake brand goods and Takashimaya would never risk their reputation by doing such a thing.
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... 2009/1/19 09:10
I agree with others that Takashimaya Department Store is a reputable place; I wonder who told you that it was fake... Isn't "Blue Label" specific to Japan, meaning the design may be different from other "traditional" Burberry anyway? :) I don't think you have to worry.
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Not to worry... 2009/1/19 12:41
If you look closely at some of the patterned bags from their website, you will see that the material patterns on the front and sides do not line up.

Your "friends" are mistaken and quite obviously jealous.

Time for new friends ?
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