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chocolate with kiwi 2009/1/20 11:04
where can I find chocolate with kiwi inside in nagoya?
by deff (guest)  

in NZ maybe 2009/1/20 14:50
Dried kiwifruit or kiwifruit cream/jelly? I haven't seen either of those outside of New Zealand in any case. I live in Tokyo and being a New Zealander would have noticed that kind of product if it was sold in the shops, and if it's unavailable in Tokyo it's unlikely to be found anywhere else in Japan.

Have you seen kiwifruit with chocolate in other Japanese cities?
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Kiwi chocolate 2009/1/20 19:11

I can't say for certain that I have ever seen kiwi chocolate in Japan either, but if there are shops that sell imported sweets like Seijo Ishii or Plaza in Nagoya, then they would be the first places I would look.
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Kiwi chocolate? 2009/1/21 10:57
Not been around where you live but have found shops in Yokohama near train station,
Oaska Hep 5, Kyoto Porta mall and 2 streets back from south exit of Tokyo station selling overseas food with NZ chocolate. It's sold in tourists shops here in NZ
rather then in normal stores so maybe you will need to order it from such a shop as above?. Keep looking as I'm sure there is such a store there that can help.
small town boy
ps a visit to info center may come up with such an address of a shop there?
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