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Yukata length? 2009/1/21 10:07
I'm planning a project involving yukata designing and I was wondering if there was a standard for the length, ie if I shortened it, would it be offending or simply unacceptable? It's mainly for economical purpose and freedom of movement for the person wearing it. Thanks!
by Jay (guest)  

ankles 2009/1/21 13:21
A yukata is usually at or near ankle length. If you shorten it no-one will be offended, it just looks a lot less like a yukata. How short are you thinking- knee-length? Mid calf?
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thoughts 2009/1/21 17:34
In modern design, anything goes. Teenagers even wear Western style high-heel sandals or Western jewery along with her yukata worn a bit shorter, which would have been pretty weird several decades ago and now it looks great.

But traditionally speaking, if you need to shorten a yukata just to free your movement, you might as well wear a jinbei or simply pull the end up and tuck it in your obi.

So are you trying to make a mini skirt that looks like a yukata? Just curious.
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. 2009/1/21 23:15
Isn't a Michiyuki a shorter form of Yukata?
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... 2009/1/21 23:31
Michiyuki is supposed to be a coat (over a kimono) so that purpose as well as how it's put together is quite different...

I'd be curious to know what kind of design the original poster is thinking of too :)
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Thanks! 2009/1/22 06:54
I was thinking of knee-length, not mini-skirt... XD It's manly for freedom of movement that I'm doing this. And I'm gonna have to make it, so the less fabric, the better it is for the budgeting. Anyway, thanks for the help guys!
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Something like this? 2009/1/22 10:22
But I suppose you're imagining something a bit longer.
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