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Visual-K 2009/1/21 10:28
I'm from Japan and work on music biz in Tokyo. So, Ifm wondering why Visual-K bands are now popular in oversea.
I often hear from American friends who like Japanese culture say that I love Visual-K such as Dir en grey, the GazettE, Miiyavi, Gackt.
But actually this kind of music is not so poplar in Japan, and mostly popular music is J-pop such as Greeeen, Kobukuro, Ayu.
Meanwhile in US, the popular music is not like a Visual-K such as John Legend, Nelly. T.I ,Rihanna, ColdPlay, Marron5.
Additionally, if they like their appearance and costume, Ifve heard that most American girl like a manly people like a muscle and tall guy.
and they are not like that.
Does anybody have any tips why Visual-K bands are now popular in oversea, or those kinds of girls are just minority?
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Very alternative for Australia... 2009/1/21 14:19
In Australia,not many people know about V-Kei. The people I know who do like it are interested more in the whole scene than just the music.
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Many people like it because... 2009/1/22 05:57
It's the Style, that they like. I mean, the People don't known what the Music want to say. They are only interessted in the Members of the diffent Bands.
It's very easy. If a Band have a interessing outfit and Bandname, the people will hear the music and maybe decide to like this.
And because of this, Bands like Dir en Grey, have choosen a diffent style. This is my opinion of this, maybe ... somebody saw it in a different way like me...
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VK 2009/1/24 12:10
A lot of people that I know who like the music like more then just the music, they like the clothing rather it is lolita or punk or whatever. Though there are some people out there who pick bands to like based on their outfits and looks, this is not always the case. The VK bands that I like I heard their songs long before I even saw what they looked like. I think there are also people who are starting to get into VK because of the bands that have done songs for different anime.
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They are different 2009/1/24 18:16
My kids love visual-k.They are quite popular here in northern- Europe. We are bored to this mainstream what we hear and see all the time(made in US and UK)from MTV and Voice.They love Miyavi- he is very good musican and he looks good- seems that he is nice person as well. The looks, the quality of mucis, the personalitys of these artists may be the answer,and that they are a bit different what we have here daily,tired with B.S,and others who looks the same and sounds the same year after year. That is why this visual-k hits, it's something different.
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. 2009/1/27 00:40
I totally agree with Ninni.

I myself like vkei a lot, NOT only because of the looks but I just totally love the music. It's really different from what is played on radio and TV.

The number of vk fans in western countries has rapidly increased during last couple of years, that's for sure. And it's not ''only because they look good'', I can say. People do like their looks a lot, but they really do enjoy the music too. (unlike somebody said earlier)

May I ask, what do think about this? Many times I have wondered what japanese people think about western vk fans.
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performance and promotion 2009/1/28 14:05
Visual Kei is getting more and more popular in Western countires I think because it incorporates both music and fashion. Western fans of Japanese music and culture want to try and get as much of that out of one thing - so VK is a good place to go. The reason I like it is first the music, then the fashion and presentation. If you listen to the music that VK bands create, it is often a hard rock or metal sound, which I am a fan of. The reason why I like the fashion is because the band members are always dressed very beautifully, and it doesn't matter to me if it is a boy and he is dressed feminine. It is more about a beauty that transcends gender and sex and that is not intimidating. I don't think I am attracted to one particular type of guy, but I wouldn't say that I am stereotrypically attracted to men with muscles either. I think that the image that VK bands gives off is one of magical fantasy beauty. Even when people don't understand the words, they can understand the show that they perform through voice and performance. Dir en Grey is my favourite band, and I just saw them a few weeks ago when they were in Canada. I would have to say that even though they don't do VK at their shows I still love to watch them perform. I like their music. Another thing that also is appealing to Western fans more than Japanese fans, is the fact that these bands are reaching out and doing shows in North American, Europe, etc and in different languages, while other genres of Japanese music like pop are not. I don't know if this a response to demand or not, but I don't think that would be entirely the case if it was. Promoters are looking at what the west wants from Japan, and the west wants it all. So they try to give us bands that encompasses Japan in a nutshell. I think VK bands do that pretty well, in both their music and the presentation of that music because VK fans often want more and more from Japan... as much as they can get.
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different strokes 2009/1/30 23:57
I am 35 and have listened to VK for over 10 years. I think in the USA it is popular because of two things. The music is used in anime openings and endings, and we have a double sided culture if you will. We have a huge POP and trendy base, and a raging underground.

Through my youth I listened and was involved in all kinds of "scenes" be it punk, goth, deathrock, rave and so on. We have so many genre and sub genre that VK kinda blurs the lines and makes it cool to look goth, but have a metal sound, where as here that never would have happened before.

I also listen to the J-pop standards, and went to a few lives while in Tokyo. I was amazed that at a VK show I was not only the only foreigner, but the only male, aside from the band members.
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Happy Time :D 2009/4/17 06:12
I honestly have been interested in visual-K bands for a vry long time. I Mostly listen to bands like The GazettE, Dir En Grey, Messilana-Rei, Gackt, Miyavi, SuG, Antic Cafe, LM.C, and many others that I cant think of right now sadly. Bnut visual-k is not superly popular in america, well around here anyway, but there have been variuos concerts by Dir En Grey, and others like MUCC. I stongly recomend you get into some more mellow bands before than for instance before I had started to listen to J-Pop which is very different than Visual-K (or like some people like myself call J-Rock), it is much more mellow and has a smooth tone, and as far as I know has no real actual screaming (as in screamo) If you alreaqdy have been listening to J-pop for a small amount of time I recomend starting to listen to some visual-k. If you do not like it try listening to a differant band. Some you may not like but some you may. Dont give up on the J-rock :p
Have fun :]
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in Germany 2009/4/19 05:40
In Germany Visual Kei Bands are only popular among Visual Kei or Animefans,it means they are famous only among Anime and Visual Kei Fans here. Its a subculure,zannen.sadly..
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