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Where can I buy shoe grips? 2009/1/21 14:10
We are presently travelling in Hokkaido, and are having trouble with the ice. We have solid walking boots, but things are still difficult. Does anyone have any recommendations? My husband has quite big feet (English size 11). I don't want to buy more footwear: I'd rather adapt what we have. Any advice would be appreciated.
by Ruth (guest)  

... 2009/1/21 15:30
are you looking for something like this?


They are one size fits all and add metal or plastic spikes to the shoes you already have. I've seen them for 1000-2000 yen at sports stores, and I've also seen them at some convenience stores.

They also sell them all over the place during the snow festival, but thats still a few weeks off.
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KIOSK 2009/1/21 15:38
The shoe grips you slip on the outer part of your shoes are usually sold at the KIOSK, those little booths located in/beside train stations and underground shopping arcades. But I'm not really sure if they are any better than walking boots. But they did work on my husband's Loafers.

Ask for "kutsu no suberi-dome." I also found Japanese information on prices and places they are sold. They seem to be sold at the many KIOSKs in Sapporo Station as well as many of the shops in Chitose Airport.
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the info 2009/1/21 15:39
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Thanks! 2009/1/22 18:45
Thanks for the help: got my shoe-grips and they work fine.
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... 2009/1/22 20:16
where did you end up finding them?
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Kombini 2009/1/24 10:49
Ended up getting them in a Sunkus for 500 yen, but I've seen them in 7/11 as well. I also saw them in the local department store for 2100 yen!
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where? 2009/1/25 14:11
Would I be able to find these ice grips in Akita or Kakunodate around the end of April?
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You'd think 2009/1/27 10:00
Can't say for sure, but one would expect if grips are still necessary in those areas at that time of year, that they'd still be on sale. I mean, convenience store stock seems to be much of a muchness, unless it changes on Honshu.
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Akita and Kakunodate 2009/1/27 13:03
Actually, the shoe grips seem to be quite unique to Hokkaido. Hokkaido is really advanced when it comes to snow and winter precauctions.

But shoe grips are sold on-line, although I'm not sure if they do business overseas. Also, I'm not sure if Akita or Kakunodate will have that much snow in April.
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thanks everyone! 2009/1/27 21:02
I guess all I can do is try to get them in Akita/ Kakunodate area.
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