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chance of being ID in a club? 2009/1/21 17:47
I'm going to Japan with my sister whose 23 and I was wondering whether I would be likely to be asked for ID if we go to clubs. I heard they don't normally ask westerners, but will it be more likely since I'm chinese
by julia H (guest)  

...... 2009/1/21 23:10
Some clubs do and some don't. If it is a guy at the front door and you are a cute girl you have a better chance at getting inn. ;)
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. 2009/1/21 23:11
Depends on the club and how lax they are. I went to one in Shibuya last week, they were carding everyone at the entrance.
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. 2009/3/13 02:34
Good clubs card EVERYONE, thats all there is to it..
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passport? driving license? 2009/3/28 01:38
will they expect me to bring my passport if i am a tourist? Or will my driving license be enough? I'm not too keen on bringing my passport out to clubs but I was once almost denied entry (not in Japan, it was in America) coz my student card looked fake. So if i have a driving license that is not from Japan will they still doubt me? Problem is i look younger than i really am.
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. 2009/3/28 02:11
Legally speaking, all foreigners in Japan who are not residences of Japan are required by law to have their passports on them at all times.
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