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Update dictionaries for Casio EX-Word? 2009/1/25 20:24

I was in Japan and got help from my Japanese girlfriend to buy an electronic dictionary, but there was a small missunderstanding what I wanted out from it and it seems more usable for Japanese people who want to learn English. But after some research on the net I noticed there are other models in the EX-Word series that have English-Japanese Dictionaries and my model can also be updated with new dictionaries trough a memory card.

The only problem I stumbled on is that I can't seem to find any place to buy these dictionaries, so my question is if anyone here has any idea how to update my Casio EX-Word Dataplus 4, XD-SP6600 to have an English-Japanese Dictionary with support for voice pronunciation?

Thanks for listening!

/ Joakim
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EX-Word 6600 2009/6/12 11:25
Sorry, this is not the answer to your question. But I have been looking at the same model as you have. What is your opinion of it. I am a learner of Japanese.
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. 2009/6/13 21:59
I know nothing about the models in questions however I own a Casio Ex-word xd-sw4800, its maybe two years old now but very simliar to current models. I know you can buy updates for these at large electronic stores. I believe the update comes on a SD card. I think you can also buy online, but i'm yet to find an online site in English.

Yes, these series of dictionaries are much better suited to Japanese learners of English (if you cannot read at least hiragana it'll be useless to you). Its taken me 2 years to learn how to effectively operate mine, and I know i'm only using a fraction of it's features. I've heard good things about Cannon elec. dictionaries for English learners of Japanese.
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