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Yet another phone question! 2009/1/26 00:36
Dose anyone know if a UK Nokia 2630 (3G quadband) on Vodafone epay as you gof will work in Japan?

Ifm currently on O2 but have been told that my current pone will not work with the Japanese networks. Ifm thinking that Vodafone might be the way forward as they used to own a network in Japan which is now operated by a Japanese company called Softbank

However, Ifve read quite a bit on this and other forums about people having problems making calls back to the UK leading to speculation that Softbank may have changed the relevant dialling codes. (I think the code is used to be *#123* +44 ------- #)
Dose anyone have any experience of this?

Also, Ifve read on another forum that the Japanese have a strict policy with epay as you talkf phones and will only sell them to Japanese passport holders; will this affect me using my prepay phone out there?

Thanks in advance!
by Geoff (guest)  

u might wanna.. 2009/1/26 11:24
try asking here

those ppl know their stuff
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thanks 2009/1/26 20:02
thanks I'll give them a try.
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