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Up-Garage near Kyoto / Osaka 2009/1/27 15:47
Hey guys,

Just wondering if anybody could give me details on Up-Garage's or equivilants located in Kyoto or Osaka?

I've tried for a few hours to desipher there website with babelfish but without speaking the language I've come up empty handed :(

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

by Mark Kiefer (guest)  

Re: 2009/1/27 16:57
I'm not sure, by Up-Garage do you mean the car/motorcycle ware retailer chain?
And do you have any transportation vehicle available or are you thinking of taking public transportation?
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up-garage 2009/1/27 17:45
Yeah, that's the one I mean :)

Public transport is also my only option as I'm just here for 2 weeks on a sort of semi backpacking holiday :(
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Re: 2009/1/28 17:17
Unfortunately, such stores tends to be located distant from railway stations.
However, for I live in Kyoto I may be able to find some store which match your need and is near railway stations.

Which are you interested in? Car wares or motorcycle wares or both?
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Sorry for the late reply 2009/2/2 13:47
Hey again!

Sorry I ended up without internet for a days so excuse the late reply :)

I'm in Tokyo at the moment and catching the midnight bus back to Osaka tonight, which leaves me with nothing to do for about 16 hours while waiting for my plane at Kansai airport, so if you know of anything around that area it would be great :)

Thanks so much for your time
Mark :)
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