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Basic Salary in Japan 2009/1/27 17:15
i need help here. i want to know how much is the basic monthly salary of an ordinary Staff in Japan. Thank you.
by David (guest)  

... 2009/1/27 18:49
The nationwide average is around 35,000 yen per month. Of course, it differs widely on position and job type.
by Uji rate this post as useful

really only 35,000 2009/1/27 19:31
Uji - were u missing a zero off the end there or does your suggested average include the entire population (so little kids, retirees, etc)and therefore true national average not just the average wage of the working Japanese?
by Deaks rate this post as useful

hard to live 2009/1/27 21:24
Part timer at a rural super market; 750yen/hour
by .. (guest) rate this post as useful

35000 not right 2009/1/29 09:48
35000 yen doesn't seem right, that would be pretty much impossible to live on. however it's almost right if you are thinking in US dollars.

the CIA factbook lists Japan's average wage at around 29-33 thousand dollars per year. I would agree with that assessment. Most people working at companies in big cities are making between 250,000 and 450,000yen per month.

People working at supermarkets and other small shops (Students, housewives, etc) generally make under 1000yen per hour but are also usually just part time employees.
by winterwolf rate this post as useful

Study from 2005 2009/1/29 10:29
Here is a study from 2005 that may help answer the question:

I think Uji just missed a zero.
by ... (guest) rate this post as useful

Try checking out salary surveys 2009/2/5 01:26
I was googling for the same question recently.

One of the options is to check official information from Japan government:

You can also check some independent salary surveys, they look a bit different, and, kinda, more readable :) full survey IT survey

Both show salaries before taxes as I understood.
by Alexey (guest) rate this post as useful

basic salary 2009/2/5 02:53
talking about a basic salary is irrelevant without also talking about basic living expenses. Before moving to North America I had a low salary but the rent for my 3 bedroom home with a garden was 1 /10th of the salary. My first salary in North America was 3 times higher but the rent for a similar house was more than the salary. Even a small studio was 40 % of the salary.
by Monkey see (guest) rate this post as useful

about the cost of living... 2009/2/5 07:45
Like most things... cost of living varies greatly with where you choose to live. Housing in more rural areas and even on the outskirts of smaller cities outside of Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama is comparable to apartment rates in the United States (5-6 man a month) though the rooms are, on average, much smaller than you would find in the United States or Canada for the price.

My current income is roughly equivalent to USD 33,000 a year. I have a 1 bedroom/living/kitchen-dining apartment with a brand new bathroom and parking for 550/mo.

Depending on the job you find, housing may be supplied for you free of charge or subsidized (though this is getting rarer as the recession deepens).

In Japan you also don't need to worry much about medical costs, as the national health insurance system is pretty awesome :) Additional insurance may be offered through your employer.

Quite a few foreign workers also suppliment their income with private eikaiwa, usually under the table. Going rate for an hour is about 3,000/hr for private lessons and 5,000/hr for group ones but some people charge more. You can pick up quite a lot of extra cash this way if you are enterprising and not adverse to spending the bulk of your Sunday mornings in Starbucks talking about baseball and the weather.

Generally speaking, the choice to live in the country, if you're entering into a career which allows you to do that, will affect how far your salary goes and how much of it you'll be able to save every month.

by tsurara rate this post as useful

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