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Best vending machines 2009/1/27 21:23
Ifve been to Tokyo a couple of times and I am fascinated (strange but true) by the vending machines but only really ever seen drink and cigarette machines. Anyone know the locations off more unusual machines and what they sell?
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Re: 2009/1/28 17:20
At highway parking areas or some manga-kissas, you may find microwave cooking vending machine.

Some vending machine in Akihabara sells canned Oden (a kind ofJapanese stew) or canned Ramen (which actually is not made of wheat) or canned sweet pudding.
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Thanks 2009/1/29 02:18
Thanks for that Iwill look out for them.
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. 2009/1/29 08:16
One of the strangest vending machines I have come across is a shower. It is located close to Hatanodai station in Tokyo, here is the location on a map:


And some photos:




Here is photo of a wonderfully political incorrect legend on an old cigarette machine (no longer working) in Twuwano:


Some links that may be of some interest:



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Akiba, camera store 2009/1/29 21:21
In the camera store in Akihabara, there are rows and rows and rows of vending machines which sell action figures, keychain things, and all sorts of anime/manga/video game merchandise. There are literally rows and rows and rows of them. In and of itself it's not unusual but you may find something unusual there.
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Re 2009/1/30 02:53
Hi, Fantastic links and info on the camera shop. Thanks
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... 2009/1/30 11:39
The weirdest one I have ever heard was one that dispenses soiled school girl undies. Not sure if it's an urban legend but it's weird.
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re 2009/1/31 03:12
Yes very strange. It's mentioned in one of the above links and the operators have been prosecuted.
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underware 2009/1/31 10:18
in capsule hotel i saw
a underware vending machine
i bough some for a dollar jaja

but the most unusual vending
machine that i saw was a tampon
vending machine those machines
are usually in girls bathrooms
not outside of a pet store
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