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need to know 2009/1/28 07:35
listen iheard that in japan a lot of sick things happen on trains. i mean being molested in trains is a common thing. anyone i know thats japanese tells me the same thing. and says it so flatly like that it doesnt bother them . i wanna go to japan and live there so i wanna know more about this
by samrina  

Not so 2009/1/28 12:33
Lived there 3 1/2 years albeit years ago. The trains can be crowded but other than normal contact I never heard of any problems. The Japanese keep to themselves in public places. Certainly this should not stop or deter you in any way from going to Japan. Ever ride a subway in New York City ? This kind of conduct, if true, would be very rare. The Japanese are very civil people, just don't go looking for trouble.
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... 2009/1/28 15:25
Japan has a very low crime rate and the people are very polite and keep to themselves on the trains. Having said that I have also heard that there are occaisional instances where women have their backsides groped. I'm not sure how true this is though. Some trains have carriages that are reserved for women during certain times so I guess you could use those if you like.
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. 2009/1/28 15:55
Nothing wrong with the NYC subway, they're open 24/7.

Yes cases do happen, if it didn't happen why would most of the train companies install woman only cars for rush hour trains during the weekend, it is called chikan, you can search the internet on it. The number of cases is unknown as i think it goes widely unreported, though it does come on the news sometimes when a person is caught.

the problem is trains are too crowded during rush, and it gives some bad people opportunity.

Generally speaking it is pretty safe to ride trains in Japan, foreigners are almost never the target, and more and more people are asked to be "aware" of the situation around them.
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correction 2009/1/28 15:57
Rush hour trains during the weekday have women only cars, not weekend,sorry for the typo.
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seriously? 2009/1/28 16:48
A lot of sick things happen all over the world. Sure, people get touched inappropriately on trains in Japan just like in other countries. Yes, it should stop. Is it something you should particularly worry about? Only if you like to focus on the negatives. Anyway, it's not gonna kill you if someone cops a feel, which, I might point out, could and does happen anywhere in the world. If you're worried about coming to Japan because "someone might touch my bottom!!!!!" it makes me question if you leave the house much.
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I'm sick, too.. 2009/1/28 21:58
The sickest thing I've noticed about Japan's trains is that they are spotless, always arrive on time, have polite staff, and aren't full of loud drunken yobs fighting when the pubs close.

It makes me sick with envy that trains in the UK aren't quite the same...

You are worrying needlessly.
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