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prepaid wireless internet for laptop 2009/1/29 03:28
Hi guys,

i'm just wondering if japan have prepaid wi-fi plans available so that i can use for my laptop. If so know where i can get them and subscribe?
by kpopper (guest)  

For me 2009/1/29 09:00
For me, this was the best service hands down. Available at almost every single McDonalds, very cost efficient, and convenient to buy.

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which provider? 2009/1/29 09:33
thanks for the reply mike,

it says that i'll need to register with a provider which there are a few to choose from:

would you be able to recommend any, does it make a difference really since they all go through Softbanks wireless lan network anyway?

Hows the coverage, are there alot of access points across japan?
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