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electric voltage conversion 2009/1/29 14:38
United States
ihave electric trimmers from the US voltage 110. i need a voltage convertor for Japan which is 100. has someone else had this problem? please help
by jeneo (guest)  

... 2009/1/30 10:10
For it to work properly you need a step up transformer that converts 100v to 110v. I found some here starting $30:
by yllwsmrf rate this post as useful

... 2009/1/30 10:12
Wow, i just checked their shipping prices and they are insane. $140 to ship to Japan.

I'd say forget the transformer. If you're talking about hair clippers, I was able to buy a new set in Japan for 2000 yen.
by yllwsmrf rate this post as useful

Relax 2009/1/30 10:19

You are not going to damage anything by running 110 V devices on the 100 V Japanese mains supply, as most things are designed to operate within a plus/minus 10% range anyway.
by Dave in Saitama (guest) rate this post as useful

shouldn't be a problem 2009/1/30 13:23
Bringing electronics from the US to Japan is usually no problem. Large electronics (like computers or cameras) are usually designed to function in a range of voltage that includes the voltage of Japan and US both. Smaller electronics (hair dryers, etc) work a little slower in Japan and don't heat up as much. (But be careful taking things like this back to the states because they'll overheat)
And US electronics should fit in Japanese outlets as long as they're 2-pronged. If you want a converter from 3-pronged to 2-pronged or to get the voltage right, I recommend going to Akihabara, the electronics district in Tokyo. You can get converters from 3-pronged to 2-pronged there for less than 500 yen (about $5 US or so).
by suz (guest) rate this post as useful

US tv use in Japan 2009/3/19 17:15
I've been told that my tv from the States won't work out here in Japan. Somethin about the difference in frequencies between the two power grids. Does anyone know if there is anything (ie transformer/converter) I can buy to correct for that? And if I were to just plug it in and try it out, would that cause any permanent damage to my tv? Any help is much appreciated!
by timtimmay202 rate this post as useful

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