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Suica Card Kyoto City Bus 2009/1/30 05:46
Kyoto City
We will be in Kyoto in early April. Can you use suica card for city bus in Kyoto? If not, is the fare still 220 yen?

by rinshin  

Kyoto buses 2009/1/30 11:29

It looks like Kyoto buses don't accept IC farecards yet.
by Dave in Saitama (guest) rate this post as useful

Use ichinichi kippu 500yen 2009/1/30 11:43
You can easily buy a one-day ticket for bus at any bus station. The price is more then fair, only 500yen and you can use it for the whole day.
by Valeriya (guest) rate this post as useful

... 2009/1/30 15:22
Can you use suica card for city bus in Kyoto?

As mentioned by Dave already, IC cards are currently not accepted on Kyoto City buses. Even if they were, Suica cards would currently not be accepted, as Suica is only valid on JR transportation in the Kyoto area.

If not, is the fare still 220 yen?

Yes. One ride costs 220 yen, and a day pass costs 500 yen.
by Uji rate this post as useful

alternatives to buses 2009/1/30 17:55
Just a word of warning: if you can use alternate transport, ie subways, or Keihan electric, JR Buses etc then I would recommend to do so, as Kyoto buses lose their novelty value after the first crowded, painfully slow trip..that's why we are considering a Surrutto prepaid card when we next go to the Kansai area...purely personal opinion based on only 2 days hectic travel in Kyoto last March (cherry blossom season)
by fmj rate this post as useful

Any other pass? 2009/1/31 02:18
Thanks everyone for information.

We will have our JR pass and suica card when we get to Kyoto from Tokyo. The first night reservation was made at Shinmonso in Gion and two additional nights at Rihga Royal Hotel near Kyoto Station.

Our plan in Kyoto is to use all public transportation to see the sights. Based on JR pass and suica card, should we purchase other passes?
by rinshin rate this post as useful

NOT SUICA IN KYOTO 2009/1/31 07:59
Suica is superfluous in Kyoto as you have a JR Pass: use up your Suica in Tokyo on the subways, and use the JR Pass for JR lines eg Yamanote in Tokyo
In Kyoto have a look at this link:
Suica will not work on Kyoto buses and subways etc: look into the Surrutto prepaid cards etc try to work out where you want to go and the cost of individual trips then you can work out how much you will need. As before, try to use other types of transport than the buses as they can be too slow and crowded
by fmj rate this post as useful

Bikes 2009/1/31 19:25
I'm currently in Kyoto and I would definately reccomend hiring a bike for a day or two. Kyoto City is flat as a tac, so bikes are a really easy cheap way to see the city.
Bike hire for a day can be as low as 500.
by Kate (guest) rate this post as useful

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