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Big sizes for clothes / shoes in Tokyo? 2009/1/30 06:55

I'm going to be visiting Tokyo for the first time this March and I have a question about the sizes of their clothing. I'm 5'10 (female) and I wear size 10-11 shoes (Canadian/US size). My expectations are low but I was wondering if there are any shops that sell "bigger" sizes for the tall and curvy? I don't mean plain t-shirts and jeans but more trendy/eccentric style clothing. Also my BF is 6'1" and wears a size 13-14 for shoes... will he have any luck finding anything? Any info is greatly appreciated :)
by PineappleDee  

... 2009/1/30 11:17
One of my friends in Japan has shoes size (ladies) 10 1/2, and she waits till she goes to the US on vacation to buy all her shoes... if that tells you anything. For both of you, it would be difficult to find anything that fits, and even at tall & large shops, selection would be limited.
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Not a shopping mecca for you 2009/1/30 11:56
I agree. I am 5'9", take a US size 9 shoe and live in Japan, and I wait until I go back to my home country, or visit the US, UK etc. to do most of my shopping for shoes, pants and anything where the sleeve length is important.

You will be limited to only the "model-sized" shops, which sell very boring, mostly office-type clothes, and Zara or H&M, which I imagine you have where you are from anyway.

Your boyfriend will be even more limited- there is only a handful of shops in the whole of Tokyo which would carry his size, and none of it will be that interesting. Normal shoe stores won't go anywhere near his size.
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Oh well 2009/1/30 13:15
That's what I thought. I guess I won't spend all my cash on clothes :P
I'm from Canada and yes we have the Zara's and H&M's (etc) which are quite plain. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question though :)
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Gotanda 2009/1/30 20:38
There is a large shoes store next to JR Gotanda station. If you stand on the platform and look out to the western side you can see it from there.
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