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What's wrong with red hair? 2009/1/30 17:00
I'm a model in the U.S. and I am interested in expanding my career to Japan. However, I am a natural redhead (it's very obvious. I'm not just 'a little bit red) and it seems like redheads are not wanted in Japan. I'm tall, have great measurements and ivory skin, but I'm afraid this will hold me back. For instance, one of the agencies had this on their website: Longer hair promotes versatility, although there are plenty of whom that work well with shorter hair. As for color, stick with blonde to dark brown and leave any shades of red at home.

What the hell? What's wrong with red hair?
by Ivory (guest)  

. 2009/1/30 23:27
There is nothing wrong with red hair. Japanese are not simply used to the color. There are fewer reds than blonds and brunettes anyway, and that's one of the reasons why it is admired in US. In a sense, you might say Japanese are still live in the time of Anne Of Green Gables when it comes to hair color. But I am sure they will catch up soon. Meanwhile, do not take it personal. Nobody is forcing you to waok in Japan, so you have the choice of take it or leave it.
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Red 2009/1/31 03:27
and leave any shades of red at home
These kinds of statements usually hold no water and are just waiting for somebody to prove them wrong.

The only thing I can think of re: red hair is that a lot of Japanese women and young men get a chapatsu (brown coloured hair) that really more often than not looks like a terrible shade of red.
by Hoshisato rate this post as useful

Hoshisato 2009/1/31 03:47
Here are some pictures of me (note that my hair is pulled back in each. My hair actually goes halfway down my back). These pictures are old because I don't know how to upload pictures in the forum and have to use my photobucket. I am only 15 and 16 years old in these pictures. Although I am 19 now, my face looks the same aside from my nose which is smaller due to a minor surgery I had to fix a breathing problem. Anyway, is this shade of red going to keep me from modeling in Japan? If not, what facial feature might? Do I not have 'the look'? Keep in mind that these photos are totally not cute and that I can look cute as well if that's needed! Oh, and I look waaaay better with my hair down and my bangs not cut like a weirdo..

Is this color of red the nasty one you were describing, Hoshiato? Will it stop me?¤t=IMG_3540.jpg¤t=IMG_3180.jpg

by Ivory (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Hoshisato 2009/1/31 03:54
You look absolutely beautiful. ^_^

As for examples of chapatsu, have a look here:
I'm convinced that your colour red will work in any country.
by Hoshisato rate this post as useful

Hoshisato, Thank you! 2009/1/31 04:19
Thank you, Hoshisato! And that chapatsu look.. Not so good! I have confidence now about the whole modeling in Japan thing. But I am wondering-- did you live in Japan for a good enough amount of time to know if Japanese people will be as approving as you are? Or are you a Japanese national yourself?

Oh, and a quick question about this forum -- Do I have to keep posting under different names for each post, or can I just stay with one name? So far I've posted under GoLizzy, Spurrus, Yum Yum, the list goes on. And I'm running out of name ideas! Or can I use the same name for more than one post?? Sorry this is such a stupid question!

Also, one last thing. Are you male or female? I'm sorry I can't tell from your name because I don't know Japanese names so well. I'm just wondering because I want to know if my look appeals to both sexes because that would probably make me more diverse.

Sorry, one last thing for real this time!! I can speak and understand intermediate level Japanese with really good pronunciation (I do not sound like Gaijin. And I got a 5 on my AP Japanese test in high school). Do you think this will help some with acting and/or modeling in Japan? My dream is to live there, so I do take the culture seriously!
by Ivory (guest) rate this post as useful

Ivory 2009/1/31 04:57
I think you will do quite well.

When i was in the service, a long time ago, a bunch of us would go out to the bars. A guy i knew had bright, natural red hair. The minute we would enter a bar, even for the first time, the girls would be all over him.

It is quite common for Japanese women to bleach and color their hair.
by Ken (guest) rate this post as useful

Red hair is cute! 2009/1/31 10:58
I don't know what the model agency will think about your hair,but at least,red hair
gives favorable consideration to Japanese people more than you imagine.
We think red hair is cute and lovely.
For example,title of the "Anne of Greengables"
is translated as "Anne with red hair" in Japanese version.Because translaters
thought Anne's red hair would make a good impression
to Japanese children.

by Mame_shiba (guest) rate this post as useful

Pride to Redheads!! 2009/2/1 13:08
As a natural redhead in Japan, I do recieve very positive attention. I regularly receive comments like 'exotic' 'pretty,' etc. from my Japanese friends and acquaintances.

As for modeling, I do notice more models with blond hair than red, probably for the simple reasons that 1)blond is the largest possible contrast to natural black hair and 2)blond is highly protrayed in American and European media--and Japanese LOVE western media.
That being said, I think you should give it a shot:) Good luck!!
by nagareboshi7 (guest) rate this post as useful

.. 2009/2/1 14:20
Yea...I always heard that Japanese love red hair. Has to do with manga and anime I was told.
by sara101 rate this post as useful

modeling 2009/2/2 01:32
ivory consider modeling here, i think you'd get picked up by quite a lot of photographers looking for something unique and not the typical blonde/blue eyes girl
by winterwolf rate this post as useful

to everyone 2009/2/2 03:48
Thank you for believing in the power of red, everyone (lol =P)! I will give it a shot! Oh, and thanks for your nice comments. I feel confident about this now ^_^
by Ivory (guest) rate this post as useful

me too 2009/2/4 10:55
you go,girl!

i'm going to give it a go, too. i have been told that my short stature and baldness were negatives in my pursuit of a modelling career. what gives with that, huh? Bruce Willis is bald, right.
by joseph (guest) rate this post as useful

Joseph 2009/2/4 11:00
Yeah! We can do it! Bruce Willis is hot!
by Ivory (guest) rate this post as useful

Bald is OK 2009/2/4 11:29
Joseph (and Ivory),

i have been told that my short stature and baldness were negatives in my pursuit of a modelling career. what gives with that, huh?

Don't believe the people who tell you you have to match the current ideal stereotype look. There's a short, bald Indian (I think) guy in Japan who looks about as attractive as Danny Devito, but he features in loads of TV adverts, so he seems to be getting enough work.
by Dave in Saitama (guest) rate this post as useful

Red is Excellent 2009/2/5 02:32
I'm a red headed guy with really long hair and i get nothing but positive attitudes towards me in Japan , i'm not sure if its curiousity , but to be honest who cares :)
by red faction rate this post as useful

unlucky recessive red hair trait 2009/9/26 06:32
A friend of mine who is an expert in Japanese culture tells me that red hair is a recessive trait in Japan and was once somewhat common. It was, however, considered very unlucky (to the point of infanticide) historically. I don't know if Japanese still recognize this custom at all, but they do take zodiac very seriously, so it's possible. Having traveled in Japan, I would say that many, many Japanese have hair with red highlights in the sun, even today.

Redheaded Japanese:
by Emma (guest) rate this post as useful

red hair 2009/9/26 14:48
Emma, the red highlights that many Japanese--mostly young-- including men--have are courtesy of Miss Clairol or other hair dye companies!
by Red frog (guest) rate this post as useful

red hair... 2009/9/27 08:15
I find it hard to believe that naturally red hair was once at all common in Japan, or any other Asian country. There are some albino Japanese with light blonde hair around, but red- I very much doubt it.

Red frog is right- any red highlights you see on Japanese people are likely to be from a trip to the hair salon, or come out of a box.
by Sira (guest) rate this post as useful

Not necessarily 2009/10/13 10:52
I disagree. My hair is naturally really dark brown, but about 1/4 of the people who know me would describe it as red because it looks that way in sunlight sometimes, so it's possible that some Japanese have this hair colour too.
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