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Camra and Laptop prices in japan? 2009/2/1 08:04
I was thinking, when I do go to japan in roughly two years, I
'd want to take a camera and a laptop. Cameras and laptops, I think are mildly expensive.

so, How much does a "1,000.00 USD laptop" probably cost in japan? (saying it has the same things in it) and/or a camra cost?

(I'm not asking for the price up there to be converted into yen)

I thought maybe it would be cheaper to buy them there when I get there, instead of paying 1,500.00+ plus here xD

i can't wait for a reply c:
by Mellon Creamy  

....... 2009/2/1 12:15
I bought a laptop in Japan on sale for $1000 US. The same model for sale (not on sale) was $750 US in America. Everything is more expensive there.
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Pretty Positive 2009/2/1 12:18
I'm pretty positive there wouldn't be much of a difference whether you buy those things in Japan or where you are currently.

This is a complete guess but I'm guessing that if anything, you'd probably save a little more buying those things where you currently are. Most of the big Japanese electronics retailers (ie. Yamada, Bic Camera, etc.) provide points rather than slashing prices. In those cases, you're probably better off saving that money in the first place rather than accumulating points and having to buy something else later...

Somebody please correct me if my thinking is off.
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Re: 2009/2/1 14:23
I think you have better buy it in your country.

For example, $999 MacBook and $1299 MacBook costs 114,800 JPY and 148,000 JPY,
while google's currency conversion shows 90,300 JPY and 117,400 JPY based on foreign exchange rate.

Moreover, Laptops sold in Japan comes with Japanese version of Operating System and keyboard.
With Mac you can easily change the system settings into English mode, but with Windows you have to purchase
English version of Windows if you want all messages and dialogs to be shown in English.
Japanese keyboards have some keys which are completely useless unless you type Japanese,
and the layout is different from those English ones.
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Only if the exchange rate favours you 2009/2/1 18:55
Really, you will only save if the exchange rate is in your favour. Otherwise things in Japan are priced about the same as they are in the U.S., which means you'll be paying more due to the exchange of currency.
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