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Walkie-talkie radios at Sapporo 2009/2/2 13:15
Does anyone know where in Sapporo I can buy or rent walkie-talkie radios that has a wide range (10 - 20 miles) and can be used in the mountains.

We're traveling in a group of 4 and want to ensure that we don't lose each other when we're snowboarding or shopping (we don't have local cell phones).

Appreciate all your help!
by Jenny (guest)  

around JR sapporo station 2009/2/4 00:21
around the station you can find the large electrical chain stores. i presume they would sell walkie talkies. for that sort of range i think they would be a little expensive.
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... 2009/2/6 11:33
Radios with that range are known as FRS/GMRS in the US and other countries, however they are illegal to operate in Japan since the frequency they use interferes with Japanese television broadcasts. It seems to have become a problem with people using them on the ski slopes of Hokkaido so there are signs at the resorts and on the Sapporo subway's warning that they can't be used.

There are unlicensed personal band radios sold in Japan known as Tokutei Shoudenryoku Musen, which can probably be found at the Yodobashi Camera next to JR Sapporo Station. They may serve your needs, however they are much lower power than FRS/GMRS and I don't think they have anywhere close to the range that you're looking for. Additionally, you probably can't use them when returning to your home country again due to frequency licensing.

I'd recommend rental cellphones instead. The range will be much better and a good majority of the ski slopes are covered. Also, it is likely to be cheaper than purchasing radios.
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Thank you for your posts. 2009/10/22 22:50
Thank you for posts. Especially for ''FRS/GMRS'' keyword

I found this which could be helpful for others.

In the poster, it clearly states that FRS/GMRS walkie-talkie is illegal to use in Japan.
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carrier 2011/3/23 16:04
If you plan to use rental cell phones on the slopes, I would advise you stick to Docomo/NTT and avoid Softbank.

I have an iphone (Softbank-only in Japan) and the reception in the mountains is terrible. Friends with NTT will have full bars at all the resorts and in many places in the backcountry (!)

FWIW, Softbank reception in urban settings including all of Tokyo is great.. Just not in the mountains
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