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Spare Parts for Laptop in Tokyo 2009/2/2 21:19

I'm having difficulties in finding spare parts for my vaio.
Is there a specialised shop that sells these parts in Akihabara or somewhere else in Tokyo.
by crashacat  

Re: 2009/2/3 22:46
By spare parts do you mean internal parts?

If so it is very unlikely to be sold in retail box.
I think you have to directly order sony for it or look for online auctions.
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Thanks 2009/2/4 06:53
Thanks for the info.
I thought that there would be shops that sold them.

I'll check it out on Japanese Yahoo site then.
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Bic Camera 2009/2/4 08:18
You can get an internal hard disk or memory chips for laptops at Bic Camera Yurakucho. Might be even cheaper if you went to Akihabara (T-Zone, Sofmap, etc.)
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Thanks 2009/2/7 06:15
Thank you, but I'm mainly looking for other internal parts, like the fan, dc harness and such.
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Akihabara 2009/2/7 18:48
In Akihabara, you can find parts to build your own laptop or desktop.
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Parts 2009/2/10 12:27
If you go into the back streets at Akihabara, towards the northwestern end, there are ALL of the parts you need there!!!
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