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Eurasian Modeling 2009/2/3 15:22
I'm predominately half Caucasian half Chinese and have been told by many Japanese tourists that I look Japanese/Caucasian and should apply to some modeling agencies over in Japan. I'm 5'4" and 101lb. Traveling is no problem for me. Should I apply and are there any specific agencies to apply to? Does anyone have some experience that they could share? Thank you!
by Cecily (guest)  

to start out 2009/2/3 19:05
go to this site:
It's an international modeling networking site and may give you the boost you need. They'll also answer any questions you have. Just don't ask "how to become a model" or "any photographers in..." They have articles for that already and you can do the photographer search yourself.
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... 2009/2/3 19:39
I don't know where you are, but if you are already modeling in your own country, have a portofolio, then you could give it a try in Japan. Still unless you get hired "full-time" by some agency in Japan, or unless you qualify for other work-permitting visa, you might need to think about what visa status you would be on in order to do any modeling work in Japan.

If not... maybe just take those comments as very nice compliments to your looks and atmosphere :)
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Not to burst your bubble 2009/2/4 07:11
Not to burst your bubble but maybe those people were just complimenting you. They probably don't know a thing about modeling and if they did, they probably would have suggested you to a domestic modeling agency first... I mean, many (if not most) foreign models in Japan go with their domestic modeling agencies first, grab connections, get work, and then possibly stay there for a longer duration.

It's the equivalent to when people suggest to funnier people, "you're so funny, you should do stand-up!" So obvious that most of the time, they're just talking out of their arse.
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