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Camcorder use in public places 2009/2/5 07:02
I am wondering about weather or not it is allowed to use a rather big camcorder (Sony FX1000) for personal use in public places and national monuments?
And also, what the same regarding the use of a tripod.

Thank you,
Dr. Igal Sverdlov.
by Igal Sverdlov (guest)  

Filming 2009/2/5 14:59

If you check through the forum archives, similar questions have been asked and answered here fairly recently. Basically, you should have no problem outdoors, but photography and filming is generally prohibited in shops.
Museums and other tourist spots may sometimes have signs up prohibiting tripods, and if you are using a large video camera with a heavy-duty tripod, then you can probably expect a security guard to jump out of nowhere and give you the infamous crossed-arm "vampire begone!" sign the moment you have finished setting up. Unless there are big signs up, just use common sense, be discreet, keep out of people's way, and be apologetic if you are told to stop.
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