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cosplay 2009/2/6 05:05
My daughters are big fan of Bleach Kuchiki Rukia Soul Reaper Caption 8. They want to get the costume for the captain. So far we were able to find the arm band and in need of the entire outfit. Some sites are in Japanese only and I can't understand. Would someone let me know the specifics of stores in Tokyo that we can find this costume as we will visit in June. Thanks.
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I think... 2009/2/8 12:02
There were some costumes in some of the gaming/manga stores in Akihabara last time I was there, but that was the summer of 2007. Could try Mandarake as well, but they normally have used costumes.
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otaku shopping 2009/2/10 05:59
Nakano Broadway's 2-4th floors are full of anime and manga shops including a cosplay shop and a Mandarake with several used shops. It's one stop West of Shinjuku on the Chuo line, you can see the entrance from the train platform. Follow the shotengai to the building on the end.

Akihabara has dozens of shops carrying miscelaneous used and new cosplay goods -- KBooks, Mandarake, COSPA, Tora no Ana, Animate, a sex shop with some higher-end moe costume items of dubious origin, etc. Take the electric town exit to be spit into the thick of it.

Ikebukuro, the other otaku neighborhood, also has some relevant shops -- a Lashinbang, an Animate, and a Kbooks with a huge selection of used cosplay goods and wear. Getting to Otome Road is a bit more of a challenge -- the easiest way is to go to the Sunshine City building via the ''Exit for Sunshine'' near the Marunochi Line subway exit in Ikebukuro Station. Follow the flow of foot traffic to Tokyu Hands, then take the escalators into Sunshine City -- continue to follow foot-traffic through to Amlux auto salon and exit through the 2rd or 3rd floor of the shopping mall beyond -- facing the road (the hotel is on this side). Animate, Lashinbang and Kbooks should all be visible from the exit -- Otome Road encompasses the entire block.
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