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Ad on trains 2009/2/9 11:19
Hi guys,

If you ride / use the Yamanote or Keihin Tohoku line, they have a TV with lots of advertisement's in it. One of those advertisement show something about '' Cooking ''. A video cooking lesson that last about 60 sec. A girl say's at the end ''dekita'' with a happy smile. At the end a '' website addresse '' is shown. Can someone pls tell/ write me the '' website addresse '' of this page?
Thank you soo much in advance.
by Kage (guest)  

Cooking advert 2009/2/9 13:16

I'm not sure about the URL, but those adverts are called "Cook One" sponsored by Sapporo Beer.

And as a bonus, since you seem to have serious problems with apostrophe usage, check out the following easy-to-understand guide...
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Cook One 2009/2/9 19:28
Hi Dave,

Thanks a lot for your answer. I checked sapporobeer.jp and saw some cooking reciepes. hmmm....Im not sure if this is it (just like you said), but it is a great help. I'll try to see if I can find any links that will bring me a bit closer. Im sure that Cook One had its own URL (URL, thats the word, thx).

If anyone knows the website to that ad about cooking you see in the train, pls post it here. A cooking lesson/ show that last for 60 sec.
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Cook One ? 2009/3/22 11:01

'' 2:34 ''

The video on the left side. It last about 60 sek. and after that a website is shown.

Can somebody pls tell me the URL of that website being shown?

If I still remember, they also published a small cook book about it (reciepe book). Any help that would lead me to that book would be apreciated.

Thank you so much
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train tv 2009/3/24 15:29
According to Sapporo,the URL was for mobile phone web site and the program is no longer available due to modification of contents. Is there a particular recipe that you are so desperate to cook?
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cook one 2009/3/24 23:23
thx for your reply,

no, not really, but the recipes being schon was so easy and simple to make, that I was desperate to get that small cook book about cook one. last year they advertise that they were going to publish a recipe book, but I just couldnt find it anywhere. (now that Im back in my country again).

thank you so much for your reply and have a nice day.
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