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Where can I buy a Foma P900iV? 2009/2/11 00:59
I am trying to find a place where I can buy a FOMA P900iV, the one used in Advent Children. Does anyone know of a site (Besides Ebay) that I can buy one from? As I live in the UK and am studying at university, so traveling to Japan and looking for one there is not an option. :(

Thanks everyone :D
by kaye  

... 2009/2/12 10:40
That's quite an old phone, and not seen much anymore. You can find them on yahoo auctions for quite cheap:


but you will either have to find a seller that will ship to the UK, which most won't, or you will need to use a forwarding service.

Are you aware that the phone is not supported outside of Japan. You could use it as a camera though.
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