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Buying Japanese appliances in the US? 2009/2/16 08:25
United States
I've been studying abroad in Japan for the past couple months and I am really a fan of the small appliances like the hot water pots and the quality of the rice cookers (which pale in comparison to the one I bought at Home Depot). Does anybody know of a Japanese appliance store in the US or a internet website that ships small Japanese appliances to the US? My only other option would be to purchase them here and ship them back separately (which would be quite expensive). Thanks
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... 2009/2/16 08:29
The following stores sell some Japanese appliances:
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Try Amazon.com 2009/2/16 09:46
I bought a Zojirushi hot water pot from Amazon.com (in the U.S.) last summer and have been blissfully satisfied with it. You probably don't want to buy a Japanese version and have it shipped to the U.S. anyway. Companies like Zojirushi make models for the American market and they have the proper voltages and English instructions (and warranties valid in North America).

Another U.S. company that sells Japanese products is Pacific Mercantile in Denver. Their online store has mainly groceries and a few gifts, but they might carry small electronics such as rice cookers. You can contact them by phone or e-mail and ask. I like them because I have had really excellent, personalized customer service from them. I have bought things from them that aren't in their online catalog, so don't be afraid to ask.
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